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Sweet Jesus, we do love our driven music. There is something amazing, something magical, something orgasmic about an album that takes you on a journey through a vista of experiences from start to finish. This is ‘Becoming‘ from Canadian euphonious producers, A Primitive Evolution.

Every song on this album is assembled by such a skilled hand that it is a privilege to listen to them. The production value is high with each track clean and well-edited. The combination of epic singing, brilliant lyrics, guitar-driven power, gorgeous genre-bending synths, and floor pounding drumming left us all aquiver as our bodies were repeatedly assaulted by a plethora of musical experiences that could reduce civilisation to the status of dribbling fanboys. What a wondrous experience for all.

  • I am An Infinite Cycle.
  • Who’s Your Maker.
  • The Beauty.
  • Close Your Eyes.
  • Ghost.
  • Dead Skies.
  • We Are The Truth.
  • Becoming.
  • Skeleton.
  • Picturesque Hell.
  • Better Off Dead.
  • Live Forever.
  • Echo.

That is pretty much it. We love this album and this band. If you are a fan of The Birthday Massacre, NIN, The Sweetest Condition, and Prodigy, then this album is a must-have!

Follow A Primitive Evolution on Facebook and their site, and get the album HERE and HERE.

“Becoming” Official Music Video.
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