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It’s… It’s… It’s incredibly hard to write a review when headbanging, but we’re going to try. Recently we received the latest album from epic North-American rockers Aurin. This is ‘Serotonin‘!

The more perceptive of you have probably noticed that the album only has 7 songs on it. (Well done you, oh pedantic humanoids.) Though few in number each of them is an opus in their own rights as they combine various Metal styles, and Rock flavours with a power and emotion that blows away barriers and reduces dancefloors to rubble. There is a tribalist essence here, a deeper reality at play that, for 30 minutes, makes you caste off the ways of society, abandon civilisation, and embrace your inner antediluvian rocker as you start a one-person headbanging revolution of epic proportions inside your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or any location with enough space to shake your hairy stuff. It’s awesome!

  • Pause Rewind Repeat
  • Hate You
  • Serotonin
  • Brother
  • The Stranger
  • Sick
  • Brother (Acoustic)

That’s pretty much it. It’s Metal, and we like Metal. Every kind of metal. Copper, Magnesium, Death, Black, Steel, Goth, you name it! We will headbang to all of it! ALL OF IT! (Insert headbanging montage here.)

Visit their website, and get the album HERE.

“Pause Rewind Repeat”
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