“White Walls” – A Lovecraftian Short.

White Walls.
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We adore Lovecraftian stories and creations. We also adore independent film, music, and art. So when one of the many Facebook groups we follow posted links to a unique animated Lovecraftian short film we were hooked.

This short film entitled “White Walls” combines everything glorious about Lovecraft’s darker fiction, mixes it together and unleashes it in a short, sharp assault on the mind and senses. The art style is fluid and uniquely colourised. The audio, both spoken and background, add layers of emotion and feelings that slip into your soul. And the overall flow of the short keeps you transfixed from start to finish – which in today’s phone-obsessed culture is a rare thing to achieve. It is quite simply a damned good short film, and worth the watch.

“White Walls”

Links: Dead Sound (YouTube).
Savfk – Music (Facebook).

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