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The Mandalorian! The Mandalorian! The Mandalorian! Sweet Wookiee sausage we LOVE this show. The plot, the characters, the style, the flow, it’s all amazing! Amazing!


Okay. Okay. We’re okay. We just simply have so much love for this show. The Mandalorian, for those who have not seen it, is the latest Star Wars escape from Disney. Let us be honest here, we LOATHE the “NEW” trilogy. It’s ass gravy of the worst kind. ARG! So when we heard of The Mandalorian we were not expecting much. To be frank, we were expecting the final nail in the coffin of actual creativity… God, we’re glad we’re wrong. We’re glad we gave this show a chance.

The show, not to give too much away, focuses on the “adventures” of a Mandalorian (Boba Fett’s people. You know, insane mercenary cult people) who, five years after the collapse of The Empire, takes a bounty-hunting job that leads him to “bountying” (We’re inventing new words. Happy us.) a baby Yoda-like, Yoda-Species, Whatever the Feck Yoda is… He ends up with a baby Yoda that’s flinging force powers like a boss. AND>>>> that’s where the show is up to. Episode 3 is on the way. (We are collectively moist.)

If you like Star Wars, Space-Westerns, and well-written TV series then The Mandalorian is a show you need to watch.

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