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There is a kick that doesn’t stop. A drive that doesn’t end. A determination that doesn’t slow down for a moment. This is electro-industrial perfection at its finest. From start to finish this is an album that screams, “Oblivion awaits for you all!” This is “Warning Signs” by Fix8 Sed8.

The songs on this album combine the best of EBM, Industrial and Electro music bringing forth an experience that is both timeless and futuristic. Songs such as Parasite Paradise take you back to the early 2000s with sounds and synths that are easy to move to, and fun to relax to. Songs such as Depression Deity deliver you into a world of noir-AgroTech as distorted sounds and alien synths crawl through your mind, body and soul, threatening to fell you in numerous ways. Then songs like Tunnel Vision come along and you are instantly transported to a world of pulsing lights and smoke-filled rooms, there to dance the night away.

01 – Embolism. 05:12
02 – Parasite Paradise. 05:28
03 – Empyrean. 07:21
04 – Syringe Relation. 05:02
05 – Funeral Dirge. 05:45
06 – Within Cells Interlinked. 04:31
07 – Love. 04:38
08 – The Sceptic. 02:32
09 – Depression Deity. 05:03
10 – Tunnel Vision. 06:08
11 – Futile Attempts. 06:05
12 – Warning Signs. 07:18

We do not wish to say more, so we’ll simply say this: Jesus tap-dancing Satan this album is awesome in every sense of the word. Not for a single moment did this album bore us. Not for a second did we find it bland and uninteresting. From start to finish it delivered on its dark promise to entertain and move us. By the gods, we are entertained, and we have moved.

You can get the album here, and follow them here.

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