Horror God – Cursed Seeds

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It’s loud. It’s aggressive. It would make your grandmother shed bloody tears. It must be Death Metal. And because it’s Death Metal, it must be the music of Horror God.

This album might be short, but it’s chockablock mental from start to finish. Every song on this album is exactly what you’d expect from a Death Metal album: screaming, chaos, madness, and more screaming.

01 – Cursed Seeds. 04:52
02 – Age of Madness. 05:36
03 – They Were Behind the Barbed Wire. 05:41
04 – We Built These Walls Ourselves. 06:06
05 – Sunset. 05:23
06 – Face of War. 05:17
07 – Throne. 03:13

At this point, after seven songs, our heads are still banging. The walls are bleeding. The floor is erupting into flames as the legions of hell spill forth, ready to consume all forms of reality. It’s gloriously Metal!

Get the album here, and follow the band here!

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