Immanifest – Macrobial

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The abject manifestation of aggression and dark ritualistic reality has been reborn the form of hydra-Demonoid. This is black metal at its finest. This is “Macobial” by Immanifest.

  1. Energy Weapons Formed Against Us.
  2. Ultraterrestrial Creation.
  3. Wandjina.
  4. Emissaries Of Ikhenaton.
  5. Black Miracle.
  6. Jahbulon’s Labyrinth.
  7. Orbis Speculari.
  8. Niflheim.
  9. Spirits of Old.

The songs on this album, though short, are lethal from tip to poisoned tip. That’s it, we don’t want to say more. This is black metal. This is chaos. This is the perfect symphony of dark age insanity.

Get the album here, and follow them here.

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