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The New Year has begun and already we are hard at work creating content, editing videos, setting up interviews, and driving forward to world domination. Over the last few months, we have been testing the waters to see where we could go with Razor-Eye Review/Productions, and after our intense in-depth research, we know of a few places we’re going to assault first.

Cosplayer of the Month.
This is something we have done before for other websites. These articles are fun to produce and share. There’s something brilliant about sharing people’s creativity to the world.

Theme Days and Weeks.
There are a lot of important dates in Geekdom, and we’re going to cover as many of them as we can.

New Podcast Show.
More interviews. More music. More guests. More. More! MORE!

Independent short films, mini-series, music videos, let’s plays, reviews, unboxing, and more. God, what a creative year we shall have.

More interviews. More reviews. More writers. More fun. More games. So much more. Let 2020 be OUR year of greatness. Let us join together in Geeky brilliance.

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